Thank you everyone! Congrats to all the winners. All payments are sent now. See you all in the next pool!

How To Register?

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How To Login?

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  • *NOTE: For the knockout games, you are predicting the result of OPEN PLAY (90 min or 120 min) – you CAN have a tie game (means you are predicting that game is going to Penalty shootout).

Prize distribution :

  • 1st: 65% –> $390
  • 2nd: 25% –> $150
  • 3rd: 10% –> $60
  • 4th: $30

21 users = (21 X $30) = $630

  • $630 – $30 (Prize of 4th place) = $600 in the pot.

What Are The Rules?

Predict! Have Fun, Win!!!

We have been running this pool since Euro 2000! please check the rules page ! I can not stress enough on this , PUT SOME SCORE FOR ALL GAMES and then modify as you like, NO SCORE = NO POINT. NO EXCEPTION.
Some housekeeping rules:

        • Fee to join the pool: $30 CAD / $25 USD (USD Payments use Venmo, detail below)
        • All UNPAID accounts are removed 15 min before the first game of World cup 2022 (November 20th,2022). You will get multiple reminders ! No exception, No Payment = Removing your account !
        • 100% of money collected goes into the pool, Site does NOT take a single dollar! – The *ONLY* deduction is the fee PayPal charges (If any).
        • All prize payments are made Via PayPal or Intract eTransfer and is made in Canadian Dollar (regardless of how you paid) – Again, I strongly recommend you pay via PayPal or email Money Xfer!
        • If you have any question, please email: or visit our Facebook Page.
        • Server time is set to Vancouver/LA timezone, ALL game times are in LA/Vancouver timezone! It is YOUR responsibility to ensure you know the game time in your time zone. Predictions are locked 15 min before kick-off of each game, NO EXCEPTION.

How To Pay?

  • Canadian Dollar ($30 CAD)
    • CLOSED
  • US Dollar ($25 USD)
    • CLOSED

Payment Deadline ?

  • 15 min before the FIRST game (Qatar vs Ecuador) –> ALL unpaid accounts are going to be removed.