How To Login?

  • *NOTE: For the knockout games, you are predicting the result of OPEN PLAY (90 min or 120 min) – you CAN have a tie game (means you are predicting that game is going to Penalty shootout).

Prize distribution :

56 Paid – $1960 in the pot.

  • 1st: 65% ($1251.25)
  • 2nd: 20% ($385.00)
  • 3rd: 10% ($192.50)
  • 4th: 5% ($96.25)
  • 5th: $35

What Are The Rules?

Predict! Have Fun, Win!!!

We have been running this pool since Euro 2000! please check the rules page ! I can not stress enough on this , PUT SOME SCORE FOR ALL GAMES and then modify as you like, NO SCORE = NO POINT. NO EXCEPTION.
Some housekeeping rules:

        • Fee to join the pool: $35 CAD / $30 USD (USD Payments are only made in cash)
        • All UNPAID accounts are removed 15 min before the first game of World cup 2018. You will get multiple reminders ! No exception, No Payment = Removing your account !
        • 100% of money collected goes into the pool, Site does NOT take a single dollar! – The *ONLY* deduction is the fee PayPal charges (If any).
        • All prize payments are made Via PayPal or Intract eTransfer and is made in Canadian Dollar (regardless of how you paid) – Again, I strongly recommend you pay via PayPal or email Money Xfer!
        • If you have any question, please email: or visit our Facebook Page.
        • Server time is set to Vancouver/LA timezone, ALL game times are in LA/Vancouver timezone! It is YOUR responsibility to ensure you know the game time in your time zone. Predictions are locked 15 min before kick-off of each game, NO EXCEPTION.

How To Pay?

  • Payment deadline has now past. All Unpaid accounts will be removed.

How To Register?

Registration is now CLOSED!

Payment Deadline ?

  • 15 min before the FIRST game (Russia vs Saudi Arabia) –> ALL unpaid accounts are going to be removed.

One thought on “PredictionPool!

  1. I wanted to suggest to make the prize range more wide based on the number of players involved. If we get 75 or more players it would be nice to give out prizes up to the 10th or 15th place just to make it more interesting and that way all the way to the end people will participate and continue to play as they will still stand a chance.

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